Month: December 2020


For years I have had a persistent sense that some of my images needed to move out of their inert state. I could feel a quickening as if they demanded to be manifested in a different form. The decision to participate in the WARM Mentor program was instant, it took place in one meeting, an evening of meeting the prospective …

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I mentioned in my previous blogpost that I had decided in 2015 to apply to a Mentorship offered by an organization called WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) a local Women’s art collective which I have been a member for quite a few years.  They offered a two-year Mentorship program where an artist, like me, could partner with an experienced …

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Welcome to Tobersonstudios!

I have been an artist in spirit ever since I can remember, fascinated at how an idea and/or image can travel from my head to my hand. I decided to take it seriously because, at some point, the urge to draw felt just like an urge to eat or breathe.  I have taken many opportunities to develop myself as an …

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