For years I have had a persistent sense that some of my images needed to move out of their inert state. I could feel a quickening as if they demanded to be manifested in a different form. The decision to participate in the WARM Mentor program was instant, it took place in one meeting, an evening of meeting the prospective Mentors. I left that night knowing that this was the moment I had been waiting for to carry out this manifestation. This is one of the most important and valuable gifts that I have received from the program. 

I wrote about this important decision in my previous blog (B2Committment) but I truly feel it’s important to reiterate this point. In order to understand my work, it’s place and pace, I must acknowledge the inert times as well as the active times. I also strongly respect the autonomous nature of art, it pushes, it pulses, and it imposes itself into your head until you really can’t ignore it any longer. 

This is something that I had been experiencing for at least a decade since I graduated from grad school. I had plenty to do to try start my career and find a job. I had to decide where to settle and I moved to Madison, Wisconsin and worked a day job, set up a small studio in an unoccupied apartment across from my tiny apartment.  One thing I always made sure I had, wherever I went, was a studio space of some kind. I saw this as essential to my life! I did this for a few years, and moved around the Midwest, got involved in different art groups and collectives, and apparently my characters and ideas slept inside of me. 

 I don’t mean that I didn’t paint or think about painting, I drew all of the time and I produced a lot. I don’t dismiss the work I did at all; in fact I think that work was a natural progression to what I am doing now.  However, looking back, I would say that I worked in a haze, like an incubation period.  Then, suddenly, when I went to the Mentor meeting, I just woke up, decided and committed all in the same moment.

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