I mentioned in my previous blogpost that I had decided in 2015 to apply to a Mentorship offered by an organization called WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) a local Women’s art collective which I have been a member for quite a few years.  They offered a two-year Mentorship program where an artist, like me, could partner with an experienced woman artist to achieve artistic goals. I had actually been on the Mentorship committee as a liaison from another committee and I had never really thought of being involved in the program for my own needs. Well, as you will see in my blogs to come, I decided to do this for myself. It was a big decision, also, it was a big commitment to justify the financial output. However, I felt that I owed to myself to surrender the ambivalence that I had felt for so long about actually following my desires to commit to artistic practice. 

Any artist can tell you that is a quite a leap of faith to commit to developing your work, since it is usually viewed as a “dream” or “hobby” and not something a person actually does. These attitudes towards Art still prevail in our American culture, sadly, if you can’t or don’t make money at it, it doesn’t have real value. I can argue this attitude on two points. First, if it’s a dream, how come there are so many tangible different forms of art, so many paintings, so many sculptures, plays, literature?  And Second, if you feel that art is a bodily function, as I do, am I dreaming when I eat or breathe or move my limbs? Yeah, doesn’t really make sense, does it? 

So, as you will see, I made the leap into my Mentorship and have never regretted it! 

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