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I have been an artist in spirit ever since I can remember, fascinated at how an idea and/or image can travel from my head to my hand. I decided to take it seriously because, at some point, the urge to draw felt just like an urge to eat or breathe. 

I have taken many opportunities to develop myself as an artist, including the acquisition of two fine art degree’s and membership in artists collectives. The most recent opportunity was a two year mentorship program in 2015-16, which revived my drive and desire to plunge into a project that I started in graduate school. That project is called “The Same Forest” and I will be blogging about that process in further blogs on this website. I welcome your input and comments! 

In addition to the “Same Forest” project, I have some more projects that will show up on this website. One of the interesting things that happened during the quarantine is that I learned to make paper beads, which is very addictive! Since I really enjoy combining them in delicious color combinations but not so much like dealing with tiny findings and big thumbs, I will be offering bead sets on my novelty page. I also make hand painted boxes, mosaic box sets (more on that later), collages,

bookmarks, ATC”s. original paintings from my archive and opportunities for you to purchase images as prints. 

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