Dimensions: 17.75″w x 15.75″ L
Frame/Unframed/Canvas: Framed
Medium: SB
Date: 2012

Colors, Black & White

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This piece originated from a painting of the same subject. When I discovered scratchboard etching, I decided that this would make an very unique etching. Gertstein refers to Gertrude Stein and, like the travel fantasy, I imagined the sorts of characters who would probably attend her salons, who they would be and what they might look like. This is the result.

Scratchboard etchings are created by scratching through a layer of dried India ink to reveal compressed white chalk underneath. Typically, the board is Masonite but can be wood as well. The compressed white chalk is sealed to the bare Masonite, then India ink is applied in a smooth and even layer on top. These boards are usually manufactured, however, they can homemade as well.


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