Mr. Akimbo


Dimensions: 15.75″ w x17.75″ L
Frame/Unframed/Canvas: Framed
Medium: SB
Date: 2012

Colors, Black & White

Availability: 1 in stock

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Mr. Akimbo is a character that I originally invented in grad school. I have attempted many representations of him in different stages of development and in many different mediums. I think that this representation is one of the most effective. He’s basically a cone shape with arms akimbo which is the origin of his name. He is driven by his limitations which are located in the movement of his arms. The movement of his arms produces rings of bubbles. He is a frustrated fellow.

Scratchboard etchings are created by scratching through a layer of dried India ink to reveal compressed white chalk underneath. Typically, the board is Masonite but can be wood as well. The compressed white chalk is sealed to the bare Masonite, then India ink is applied in a smooth and even layer on top. These boards are usually manufactured, however, they can homemade as well.


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