Green Bunny

Collaged drawing

Green Bunny is the second n a series of rabbit sketches that I am developing in connection with my main project, a series of vignettes titled The Same Forest. I am exploring the scope of Bunny personalities.

Fresh Originals

Tob Head Classic

Toberson Profile

You will grow to recognize this character, Toberson, since he is the main character in The Same Forest story project.

Deb Headshot

About Me

My background as an artist  is diverse. I have two Fine Art degrees., a Bachelor’s from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s from the University of Iowa. I apply a vivid  Renaissance palette of reds, blues, greens and browns which alternate with flesh and lighter tones in my painting to create a sort of prismatic effect between single pieces. If you look at the history of my work you would see this palette develop over the years culminating in the three dimensional vignettes that are my major work  today.  Surface design is also significant because it is important to create a ballast  for the rest of the imagery to depend upon. The process of paper mache is used to both build and cover the surfaces of my vignettes, it’s the perfect medium to reflect the rustic world  where my characters live.

The Same Forest Project

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